We don’t make the best decisions when we come from an emotional or victim state.
Learn new realistic strategies about personal power that you can start implementing today!
Hosted by Linda Coyne, DbR’s “Inner” Work Divorce Coach

This course is ideal for Mothers & Fathers who are either contemplating divorce or newly separated.

90 Minutes

of videos & audio

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90 Minutes

of videos & audio

Start Today


A Divorce by Rose course offered by Linda Coyne, “Inner Work” Divorce Coach, on how to move through Divorce by regaining your personal power.

Whether you are contemplating a divorce, going through a divorce, or post-divorce, it is a stressful time.  It’s usually uncharted territory and brings up many emotions in our lives.  

Within this course, you will learn to go “inward” for your answers.  Waiting for someone else to change or other external circumstances to decide how you feel, going inward is where you can become aware and rebuild. 

This course is not designed to have you stay in your marriage, nor is it designed for you to get divorced.  It IS designed to help you become emotionally strong, so you can make the right decision for YOU.  When we are at the effect of our circumstances, we become the victim – and that is a powerless feeling. 

Here is what you will explore with this course:

1. Be the observer of your thoughts so you can identify where those thoughts are holding you back.

2. Explore feelings and emotions and why it is important to process through them so you can release them. Connect with your inner child to understand the wounds and hurts that you bring forward into your adult life.

3. A better understanding that you get what you focus on and how to see it as it is, but not worse than it is.

4. Learn the different communication styles between men and women. How we filter information and how that serves us (or doesn’t).

5. The heavy burdens we carry – how to identify them, own and process the ones that belong to us and to give back the ones that belong to someone else.

6. Leave the past in the past and get clarity on your future.

7. Gratitude:  Why it’s important and how to stay in gratitude no matter what’s going on externally.


Divorce by Rose is a community filled with parents from around the world who have two things in common:

1. Your deepest desire is to give your children deserve the best childhood and, future.

2. You are looking for solutions on how to recreate a beautiful new life- whether you choose to stay married or get divorced.

Age, religion, culture or socio-economic background has no relevance here. The divorce “stories” are similar and you will come to understand the common patterns between families.

Are you on a mission seeking peace and want to feel and be happy, safe & secure? How does it sound to be surrounded by 24/7 support, guidance and direction from our carefully selected coaches, experts & professionals in the divorce industry? With 100% certainty, our community will help YOU become the best version of yourself.

Feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed and desire help to answer “Should I stay married or should I get divorced?”- if so, you are in the right place!

We are not pro marriage or pro divorce either. Rather, we are pro YOU! Our dedication is to help you find the answers that suit you & your family.

On the other hand, if you are certain you want to divorce, and you are looking for  strategies and realistic solutions to guide you towards your next steps as you carefully analyze all your choices and decisions, you will find plenty of options here


  • Immediate access to this course
  • Exclusive access to the private Community moderated by Linda Coyne. DbR’s “Inner” Work Divorce Coach. This community is only available to the parents who have purchased this course. Where else can you get continuous access to your coach? 

Linda Coyne

“Mindset, Resilience, and Personal Power are pillars of a strong person.”

Linda Coyne

Meet Your Coach, Linda Coyne

DbR's "Inner" Work Divorce Coach

I have grit and resilience to life’s challenges because of the work I've done that I can now teach you! After a 36 years marriage ended, that experience was so devastating that it brought me to my knees. I had a stillborn baby, in addition to many miscarriages that left me feeling lost and broken. In my 20’s, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and live with that tumor today. I 've battled COVID-19 and almost lost my life. Life has given me many reasons to turn to the darkness, but they also became opportunities for growth and strength.

By learning how to overcome my constant challenges, now I help divorced women move through divorce and regain their confidence and personal power. My training includes NLP, Chakra healing, Tapping, and Reiki. My strategies help my clients get clear on what drives them deep inside, and from that point, we release what’s not working to make room for growth and resilience. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve success with support and a plan! To coach means to genuinely care and hold the space for my clients to reach their full potential.

When you join my private community, you will:

- Learn the HOWs & WHYs of being a rock star.

- Obtain real life strategies to the DOs & DO NOTs.

- Have access to me and my lifelong experiences so that your journey is more effective and efficent.

Coach Linda's Credentials


Chakra Cleaning

Tapping, Reiki

How Our Divorce Community App Works

Template Join us ANONYMOUSLY 1. Sign up using a fake first name and last name. Feel safe & secure to speak, ask & share what’s on your mind - no one will recognize you! (Some friendly advice ... if you do not want your spouse or soon to be mother-out-law to start a gossip column on what you wrote, do not post on public forums) Watch video Get 24/7 access to guidance, direction and support 2. Benefit from our community that provides you with “proper and realistic” solutions! You will never be alone again and you will not have to "figure it out" on your own either!  And, avoid the unnecessary stress from the abundant trial & errors. Watch video Our exclusive (and bite-sized) courses will show you what next steps to take 3. The success of your situation will ALWAYS start off and end of with YOU, your skills and strategies! The success of your situation will ALWAYS start off and end of with YOU, your skills and strategies! In divorce, we don't know what we don't know, UNTIL someone shows us. 
Each course consists of videos/audios that are under 10 minutes. Includes exclusive access to a private tribe: meet & share with like-minded parents.
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Feel like chatting with someone who “gets” you? 4. DM with the coaches or another parent, any hour of the day! We are pretty sure someone else is thinking the same thing as you and will provide you with the neutral advice that you need right NOW! Your friends & family will tell you what you WANT to hear. We tell you what you NEED to know.  Watch video app-cover

Who Should  Join DbR?

  • If you are a mom or dad and you’re contemplating divorce or newly separated
  • Whether it is being imposed on you or you are the one making the decision
  • If you are feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed
  • You are emotional and need someone to show you HOW & WHAT to do
  • You feel alone & you need someone to talk to