All parents should learn how to make the decision to divorce logically and methodically,  ideally, BEFORE you share your thoughts with your spouse. Coach Ravit shows you how to think “outside of the box” and not allow your negative emotions to make decisions for you!
Hosted by Ravit Rose, DbR’s Founder | Divorce Coach & Mentor

This course is ideal for Mothers & Fathers who are either contemplating divorce or newly separated.

90 Minutes

of videos & audio

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90 Minutes

of videos & audio

Start Today



With Ravit’s decade long personal divorce experience along with my experience in divorce coaching, she’s been helping mothers and fathers navigate through the unsettling emotions of separation, divorce, and co-existing, and teaching strategies and techniques to mend and repair, have better and more successful communication, and live happier lives.

She will help you understand how to get organized and plan carefully so that you are more likely to make an informed decision during this process and ultimately get the life that you want, rather than make an emotional decision that you will likely end up regretting.


● Video tutorials to help you complete a detailed analysis plus tips & strategies to help you cope as well as possible as you go through this process.

● Help you build confidence and ability to navigate the divorce process, so you experience greater likelihood of satisfaction with the outcome.

● Step by step methodology that will help you focus on your needs and your situation so you can achieve the future you desire. Get ready for information you likely haven’t even thought about!

● A supportive community that will help you rekindle the spark within yourself and reignite your passion for life and look at life issues from a different and new angle.

● Strategies and techniques that are easy to implement and actually work to help you reinvent your life on your own terms.

● Actionable steps to help you learn a future-focused approach and to “think outside of the box” so you can carefully look at new thoughts, possibilities and ideas you would have otherwise overlooked and may come to regret one day soon. 

● Empower you to cope with the transition to living life as a divorced person and/or parent and help you to navigate new relationships, a new family unit created and a new financial reality.

Planning a divorce and surviving divorce are not things we innately know how to do and this methodical analysis will help you to make a logical decision if you should stay married or divorce.

Otherwise, should you be certain that divorce is the logical choice for you, use these tools to guide you towards your next steps as you carefully analyze all your decisions.

If you can’t stop thinking about divorce and wonder how to restart life after divorce:

These are the tools you’ll get from the Logically Planning Your Divorce Course:

● Powerful strategies to help you carefully analyze all your choices and decisions as you weigh up whether to divorce or wait until you are better prepared. 

● Action steps in a mock divorce life so you can try out what real life divorce is really like so you can determine what works for you and what areas need more attention.

● Techniques to help you appropriately deal with the legal, emotional and daily living aspects of divorce. 

● A holistic approach to rebuilding your life with professional guidance from an expert so you can fully support your physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual wellbeing as you transition to a new and better life.

● Valuable training to help support you as you regain control and be empowered, and able to move forward.

● New behavioral patterns to help you communicate and negotiate effectively with the other parent so you can co-exist and co-parent and keep the tensions low for you and your children’s health & well being. 


Divorce by Rose is a community filled with parents from around the world who have two things in common:

1. Your deepest desire is to give your children deserve the best childhood and, future.

2. You are looking for solutions on how to recreate a beautiful new life- whether you choose to stay married or get divorced.

Age, religion, culture or socio-economic background has no relevance here. The divorce “stories” are similar and you will come to understand the common patterns between families.

Are you on a mission seeking peace and want to feel and be happy, safe & secure? How does it sound to be surrounded by 24/7 support, guidance and direction from our carefully selected coaches, experts & professionals in the divorce industry? With 100% certainty, our community will help YOU become the best version of yourself.

Feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed and desire help to answer “Should I stay married or should I get divorced?”- if so, you are in the right place!

We are not pro marriage or pro divorce either. Rather, we are pro YOU! Our dedication is to help you find the answers that suit you & your family.

On the other hand, if you are certain you want to divorce, and you are looking for  strategies and realistic solutions to guide you towards your next steps as you carefully analyze all your choices and decisions, you will find plenty of options here!



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  • Exclusive access to the private Community hosted by Ravit Rose, DbR’s Founder. This is only available to parents who have purchased this course. Where else can you get continuous access to your coach? 

Ravit Rose

“We don’t know what we don’t know UNTIL someone points it to us or, we see the scars in our mind, body & soul.”

DbR Founder | Divorce Coach& Mentor

                                         Meet Your Coach, Ravit Rose

Founder of Divorce by Rose |Divorce Coach & Mentor

Ravit Rose is a deeply devoted mom to her children. 

​Pre-divorce, Ravit envisioned a successful career building her business dreams and actively making a contribution to her community. Her confidence and trailblazing spirit is evident in her keen work ethic and entrepreneurial acumen.

My goal is to help you re-structure and re-design your life. With my decade long personal divorce experience along with my experience in divorce coaching, I am here to share my knowledge and wisdom with YOU.

Rather, I have discovered the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.  

I am changing the way families divorce worldwide by replacing the old and outdated mindset with a fresh, new balanced system.  

"Divorcing the RIGHT way" means:

1.  Learning to leave the "stories" out of the equation and by not allowing your emotions to possess your divorce and sabotage your family's future. 

2. Helping you to carefully PLAN your next steps.

3. With a mock-up view of your finances, you will be PREPARED for your new life!  

Perhaps you’ve been mulling over getting a divorce and have done a Google search in hopes to find some answers but you can’t find what you are looking for. I can relate! Ten years ago, I didn’t know either that finding a divorce coach near me would help direct me towards the peaceful post divorce life that I dreamed of. This is what’s great about the internet these days. You can seek a coach for divorce from anywhere- even at the comfort of your own home.

As your Divorce Coach, I help you navigate through the most challenging days to come throughout  your separation/divorce process. My mission is to help you reach your end goal by looking at where you are right NOW and where you want to BE. This is all about YOU! 

I’ll GUIDE you, INSPIRE you, INFORM & EDUCATE you, SUPPORT you as your constant neutral partner and ENSURE you stay on your path towards your happy, safe and secure new life. All this is accomplished in an environment that helps parents to CO-exist. 

This is the dream that fuels my fire now.

Ravit's Credentials

Bachelor of Commerce- specializing in entrepreneurship, human resources and marketing

Author of “Unwanted Nasty Divorces”  | Divorce Coach & Mentor

Surviving & thriving a decade-long nasty divorce (that has so far cost me $80,000!)

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Each course consists of videos/audios that are under 10 minutes. Includes exclusive access to a private tribe: meet & share with like-minded parents.
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Who Should  Join DbR?

  • If you are a mom or dad and you’re contemplating divorce or newly separated
  • Whether it is being imposed on you or you are the one making the decision
  • If you are feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed
  • You are emotional and need someone to show you HOW & WHAT to do
  • You feel alone & you need someone to talk to