I Was Traumatized by My Divorce

I was traumatized by my divorce for many, many, many years and I didn’t even know that I was traumatized. I honestly had no idea what was going on. The only thing I remember simply is that when I got separated, I honestly thought it was just, he goes his way, I go my way, we don’t fit well as a married couple so, let’s just go on with our lives. Little did I know that I was so naïve. Little did I know that I did not understand what was about to come my way.  I had no idea that my whole life was going to turn upside down. I had no idea that the stress would be so overwhelming that I ended up sick every single year for six years in a row.

And I ended up in the hospital every single year for something else. It was just becoming like something subtle to think, more serious, more serious, more serious, more serious until a certain point it was the cancer scare that blew me away. And from that moment on, I said, oh my God, “Ravit, time to do a reshift here. You cannot go on with your life like this”. And it was only when I started to just sort of understand that I was just in a game. And I started to treat it like an adventure. You know, how do you get yourself out of this door? How do you get yourself out of that mess? And I started to lighten up the stress and the emotional attachment that I had to every situation.

And when that started to happen, my whole life started changing. So, from that on, I was no longer reacting and exploding to situations. I was just trying to stay as cool as a pickle, as best as I could and try to just RESPOND to situations. And so, cases, just another game, it’s just another tactic.

It’s another one of those stupid things. Let’s just deal with it. I know I’ll get through it. And I moved on. It was only from the point where I started to take this more as a game rather than overly serious and overly stressful that my health started to change. For years and years and years, not only was my health up and down, I was gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, like everything physically was showing me all the signs that things were NOT OK. And that I HAD TO CHANGE. And luckily, I changed things right at the time before anything very, very serious, really start to hit my health.

Thank God that everything was okay from that point on. And I was totally fine because I started to realize that I had to change. It was all about ME. It was about how “I” was reacting, how “I” was responding. And how was “I” was showing up in this divorce and I didn’t know that at the beginning. So, if you want to avoid what I went through. If you want to avoid what many other thousands of families around the world are going through, I would suggest that you join the Divorce by Rose community. The reason is because in this community app that I’ve carefully created, not only do you get to remain completely anonymous and chat with like-minded parents, but when you post a comment, you’re going to get the advice and recommendations and suggestions from dozens of coaches, experts, and professionals.

So, not only are you engaging with other parents who are just, you know, exchanging ideas, we as the professionals who personally and or professionally have gone through divorce are going to give you our best tips and strategies on how you can move forward from your life and how you can move forward from that particular situation.

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