How To Save My Marriage

Parents worldwide are asking… how do I save my marriage? 

When it comes to marriage, we tend to live in the moment. Yet, from my experience, that moment rarely holds onto your marriage tightly. My question to you is… How often do you and your spouse look at your mutual family goals?

How often do you verify if you are aligned and walking on the same path? 

How do you save your marriage? 

How do you ensure that your marriage stays healthy and strong? 

What can you do that will solidify the relationship and the bond that you have with your spouse, with your significant other? 

The divorce rate used to be at about 50% in North America before COVID. Now after COVID, there’s some talk that it’s about 70% across the board, across Canada, US. I mean, these are just numbers that are being thrown right now, and we’ll know the true statistics soon enough. 

One of the biggest common patterns that happen with many couples who get divorced is that there’s just this great discrepancy between the two of them. There’s this giant difference between their evolutions. There’s this enormous difference between where they’re at and what path they’re at. 

So, one is very far ahead and one stays far behind. So, if you want to make sure that you and your spouse, your significant other, are really solid and doing well, and having a really soul-to-soul connection, heart-to-heart connection, the kind of connection that will keep you together forever, one main thing I would say is, take a look at where you’re at and make sure you’re both on the same path. 

If one of you is ahead and one of you is behind, then that’s probably one of the reasons why a divorce will come about. But if you’re on the same path, your goals are similar and you’re walking towards the same mission in life, there’s absolutely no reason why there should be any breakup of your marriage, unless there are some other extenuating circumstances, of course. For more tips & advice, please join us ANONYMOUSLY at the Divorce by Rose Community App.

So, during these times, I hope that you stay very close to your spouse or partner and you stay focused on what is most important to you and that you find the answers to the popular thought “how do I save my marriage”.

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