Get ready to learn the most effective strategy you can use to get through the stress of a tough day – in one piece!
Hosted by Susan Petang DbR’s Stress Management Coach

This course is ideal for Mothers & Fathers who are either contemplating divorce or newly separated.

90 Minutes

of videos & audio

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90 Minutes

of videos & audio

Start Today


Life Mantras are tools you can use right now to stay calm & carry on. This course teaches you the most effective strategy you can use to get through the stress of a tough day – in one piece!

The most powerful attachment we can have to another human being is marriage. When that bond is broken, we experience some pretty intense emotions – it’s like being inside an emotional blender, with our whole world thrown inside and pureed.

It’s so easy to be paralyzed and overwhelmed! Yet we still have to get to work, take care of the kids, the dog, our parents, and our friends. Then there are the nuts and bolts of the divorce itself – paperwork to be filled out, documents to be copied, meetings, phone calls, and consultations with all the professionals involved.

How the heck are we supposed to function every day with all THAT going on?

When I feel overwhelmed, angry, sad, anxious or just plain old annoyed (divorce or not!), I use Life Mantras to get me through the tough days in one piece. So what the heck are Life Mantras, and how do they work?


How it works

The root of all that stress and emotion is the self-talk that’s going on in your head, whether you realize it or not. The little devil who sits on your shoulder, whispering in your ear, telling you things that aren’t true about yourself, your ex, other people, and life in general, is your subconscious! It learned those lies by misinterpreting things that happened to you in the past – all the way back to your childhood. That little devil’s message is telling you what you really believe, deep down, about everything – and that’s what sets off emotions.

So how do we fix it? How do we turn off the self-talk, and flick the little devil off our shoulder?


Super effective tools

Do you know that life mantras are super effective at shutting down that little devil? This course will teach you not only how to turn down the volume on that self-talk, but create new, healthy self talk. It’s like having a big honkin’ angel land on your shoulder, that knocks the little devil right off. 


Answer these questions to verify if  Life Mantras can help you:

~Do you feel worthless and discarded? There’s a Life Mantra for that.

~Are you feeling like life, the world, and everything in it is crap, and you have the worst luck of anyone you know? There’s a Life Mantra for that, too.

~Finding yourself frequently sad, overwhelmed, angry, or anxious? Life Mantras can heal those emotions.

~Would you like to be able to handle the ex with grace, instead of feeling bullied? There’s a Life Mantra to build your confidence and strength.

~Maybe you feel like you’re a magnet for pain – why does it always find you? Life Mantras teach you how to stop being a pain magnet, and start finding peace and happiness, instead!

~Have that feeling like you’re just never going to make it through the day in one piece? There are Life Mantras that not only help you get through in one piece, but do it like a rock star!

When you finish this course, you’ll also be able to create your own Life Mantras to get you through whatever happens with confidence, calmness, and a positive attitude.


Special Bonuses, Treats, & Goodies

You’ll also have a special Divorce by Rose group to compare notes with – others who have taken this course, too! – and access to Susan Petang, DbR’s Divorce Stress Expert, Certified Life Coach, and Battle Tested Warrior Queen. She’ll be available in the group to answer your questions and guide you during your journey. There’s even a special gift for you when you complete the course!

Let’s get you through the tough days in one piece.


Divorce by Rose is a community filled with parents from around the world who have two things in common:

1. Your deepest desire is to give your children deserve the best childhood and, future.

2. You are looking for solutions on how to recreate a beautiful new life- whether you choose to stay married or get divorced.

Age, religion, culture or socio-economic background has no relevance here. The divorce “stories” are similar and you will come to understand the common patterns between families.

Are you on a mission seeking peace and want to feel and be happy, safe & secure? How does it sound to be surrounded by 24/7 support, guidance and direction from our carefully selected coaches, experts & professionals in the divorce industry? With 100% certainty, our community will help YOU become the best version of yourself.

Feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed and desire help to answer “Should I stay married or should I get divorced?”- if so, you are in the right place!

We are not pro marriage or pro divorce either. Rather, we are pro YOU! Our dedication is to help you find the answers that suit you & your family.

On the other hand, if you are certain you want to divorce, and you are looking for  strategies and realistic solutions to guide you towards your next steps as you carefully analyze all your choices and decisions, you will find plenty of options here!


  • Immediate access to this course
  • Exclusive access to the private Community moderated by Susan Petang, DbR’s Stress Management Coach. This community is only available to the parents who have purchased this course. Where else can you get continuous access to your coach?

Susan Petang

“We can overcome anything if we have the right tools.”

Susan Petang

Meet Your Coach, Susan Petang

DbR's Stress Management Coach

I’ve been there, done that, and made the t-shirt myself.  There is no better teacher than experience.

I developed my stress management program because of my own struggle with - and triumph over! - anxiety and depression - and my methods are based on gold-standard psychological techniques.  I know they work.

Divorce creates intense, roller coaster emotions - and I’m here to help you manage them so that you can get through tough days in one piece, advocate effectively for yourself and your children, and start waking up happy in the morning again.

So what does all this mean to you? 

When you join my private community:

1. I will be there by your side, answering your questions and calming those nerves.

2. Receive my own tools on how to manage your stress.

3. Have the support on those "tough" days.

4. You will learn new skills that will last you a lifetime!

5. My community is a safe space to not only process your loss, but start planning for your future!

Coach Susan's Credentials

IACC Certified Life Coach (International Association of Certified Coaches) since 2017.

Member of the NADP (National Association of Divorce Professionals).

A lifetime of experience in living with anxiety and depression.

Over 30 years of experience in corporate management, training, mentoring, and coaching for companies such as Verizon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ulta, and Michael’s.

Divorced, single mother for 12 years.

How Our Divorce Community App Works

Template Join us ANONYMOUSLY 1. Sign up using a fake first name and last name. Feel safe & secure to speak, ask & share what’s on your mind - no one will recognize you! (Some friendly advice ... if you do not want your spouse or soon to be mother-out-law to start a gossip column on what you wrote, do not post on public forums) Watch video Get 24/7 access to guidance, direction and support 2. Benefit from our community that provides you with “proper and realistic” solutions! You will never be alone again and you will not have to "figure it out" on your own either!  And, avoid the unnecessary stress from the abundant trial & errors. Watch video Our exclusive (and bite-sized) courses will show you what next steps to take 3. The success of your situation will ALWAYS start off and end of with YOU, your skills and strategies! The success of your situation will ALWAYS start off and end of with YOU, your skills and strategies! In divorce, we don't know what we don't know, UNTIL someone shows us. 
Each course consists of videos/audios that are under 10 minutes. Includes exclusive access to a private tribe: meet & share with like-minded parents.
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Feel like chatting with someone who “gets” you? 4. DM with the coaches or another parent, any hour of the day! We are pretty sure someone else is thinking the same thing as you and will provide you with the neutral advice that you need right NOW! Your friends & family will tell you what you WANT to hear. We tell you what you NEED to know.  Watch video app-cover

Who Should  Join DbR?

  • If you are a mom or dad and you’re contemplating divorce or newly separated
  • Whether it is being imposed on you or you are the one making the decision
  • If you are feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed
  • You are emotional and need someone to show you HOW & WHAT to do
  • You feel alone & you need someone to talk to