Divorce = Lost & Found

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Thinking about divorce? Is divorce always dreadful? Or could it be a golden opportunity? Do you feel you have LOST a part of yourself? Would you like to REIGNITE that part of you? You have a critical choice to make: you either focus on finding the treasure or, keeping the garbage. Will you get out of “yesterday”? Are you laser focused on your end goal- on what it is that you TRULY want in your life? …. Divorce is like the lost and found. If I say this to you, does it resonate with you? … I used to be somebody when I got married. I was a particular person. I liked doing certain things, I had certain hobbies, I had certain interests and I was a certain kind of character. Now, years later after being married, I’m a totally different person. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don’t even recognize myself. I don’t even know who I am anymore…. If that is something that resonates with you, I need to tell you that you’re normal.. However crazy it may sound, you’re not the only one going through this. You can join us to hear more stories from like-minded parents who are thinking & feeling like you: would you like to discover more about yourself in our Divorce by Rose Community APP? In our times of marriage, we tend to lose a piece of ourselves along the way. We are busy taking care of our spouse or the family and the children. And things change, you change, you evolve. So, you can take divorce as a loss, and say, “This is the worst situation in the world,” or you can flip it around and say, “You know what? I could take this divorce however hard it is and however difficult it is to make the decision. I can take this divorce as my golden opportunity to recreate my new life. I could take this opportunity to bring back that old part of myself that got lost along the way. I can do so much more with my life right now.” So, if you lost a piece of yourself somewhere along the way and you want that back, this is your time to do it. So, are you going to take this situation as a loss or are you going to find yourself again? This is how divorce is considered – an equivalent to the lost and found. You have a choice to make: if you are thinking about divorce, which one will it be?

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