We don’t know how to marry & we certainly don’t know how to divorce either. Until NOW.
Our DbR coaches, experts & professionals are here to plant new seeds of thought in your mind & help you think “outside of the box”.

This course is ideal for Mothers & Fathers who are either contemplating divorce or newly separated.

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Nearly every parent makes the same mistakes, falling into the same traps, issues, and sagas. Since we just don’t know what we don’t know, we use our assumptions and follow what others have done, hoping our results will look different. 

If you want “different”, you need to start off by knowing & understanding these 5 Key quick and easy divorce strategies!

With this course, you’ll learn to adopt a future-focused approach, learning to “think outside of the box” and carefully look at details you would have otherwise neglected, but likely regretted one day soon.

These are the solutions you’ll get from this course :

  1. Discover the 5 reasons why divorces turn nasty, bitter, and expensive.
  2. Avoid the common patterns that plague families from far and wide by adopting these 5 key divorce strategies that focus on helping you to co-create your new lives right away.
  3. Obtain a deep dive understanding of the WHYs and HOWs of quick and easy divorces.
  4. Evaluate whether it makes sense to divorce or not, or, if you’re ready to separate, determine your next action steps by carefully analyzing a mockup divorce life. Before making any final decisions, take this opportunity to evaluate your ideas, research options, try stuff out, and see what works for you and what needs more attention.
  5. Learn to emphasize your future and build it in a way that is more holistic for you and your children’s health & well-being.
  6. Create a newfound confidence and keep your worries and anxieties away.
  7. Access practical and strategic tools to keep the tension low so that neither parent gets triggered unnecessarily.
  8. Adopt a fresh & proper mindset to realistically help you to co-exist, co-parent, and communicate with the other parent.


Divorce by Rose is a community filled with parents from around the world who have two things in common:

  • We love our children and only want the best for them
  • We want to recreate a beautiful new life, on our own terms

Age, religion, culture or socio-economic background has no relevance here. We are simply parents on a mission seeking peace post-divorce while being surrounded by 24/7 support from like-minded parents in a positive and safe community setting that allows us all to become the best versions of ourselves.

If you are contemplating divorce and wondering “Should I stay or should I go?”, going through this methodical thought process will help you to make a logical decision.

On the other hand, if you are certain you want to divorce, and want an easy divorce, use these tools to guide you towards your next steps as you carefully analyze all your choices and decisions.


When you join us ANONYMOUSLY today, you will have:

  • Immediate access to this course
  • Exclusive access to the private Community hosted by Ravit Rose, DbR’s Founder.
  • The perspectives of all the DBR coaches in video and audio format.
  • Meet the DbR coaches and become familiar with their coaching style.

Come on in, browse around, learn valuable tools and strategies from our DbR coaches and then dive deeper into a certain area when purchasing their individual courses.

A Memo from Ravit Rose:


“We don’t know how to marry and we certainly don’t know how to divorce either. UNTIL now.”

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